Our Future Home - Steeldust Meadows

These are pictures from October of 2006. Click on the photos to get bigger ones at better resolution.

October 28th - Family comes out to help and we continue to build walls.
Austin Helps Bob on Tractor Bailey Supervises Owen Helps Tracy Discovers Power Tools

October 21st - Yet more walls.
More Walls

October 18th - We get our first 2 walls up.
First Walls

October 12th-14th - We continue to pour concrete and work our way around the building.
Poured Concrete BarnWalls BarnWalls BarnWalls BarnWalls BarnWalls

October 11th - All day is spent laying rebar.
Laying Rebar

October 9th - Concrete forms are going in for the foundation walls. Tracy models her new tool belt.
Forms Forms Tracy models her new tool belt

October 8th - All the posts are complete and good and straight. We then level them all up.
Posts Done Posts Done Posts Done Posts Done Posts Level Posts Level

October 6th - Our second delivery of material.
Second Delivery of Material

October 5th - Getting the barn sides up and mixing concrete.
Barn Sides Mixing Concrete

October 1st - We've bought a used tractor. It's an International 560.
Tracy on the Tractor Tracy on the Tractor

September, 2006