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I have been involved in Business Analysis and Project Management for several decades and firmly believe that these disciplines are the key to successful IT projects. Software Development has a dismal success record with no more than a third of IT projects coming in on time and on budget. We can, and have to do better.

I offer a complete suite of Project Management courses, on demand and regularly scheduled, to anyone or any organization interested in doing things better. Please feel free to contact me at any time if you are interested in pursuing training or need assistance in any aspect of Project Management.

PM01 Project Management Fundamentals
This 3 day introduction to Project Management is intended for the new Project Manager or experienced Project Manager requiring formal education in Project Management. It clearly answers the questions “What is Project Management?” and “What skills do I need as a Project Manager?”.

PM05 Advanced Work Breakdown Structures Understanding the work to be done on a project is one of the most challenging aspects of Project Management. Most projects that go over budget or schedule do so because the amount of the work to do was underestimated. If your Work Breakdown Structure is complete, then your Budget, Schedules and Resource Requirements should be relatively accurate as well.

This advanced 2 day course develops and analyses several Work Breakdown Structures for simple and complex projects.

PM10 Sizing and Estimation Techniques for Software Software is a product to be built like any other. Ask a bricklayer how long it will take to build a wall and how much it will cost and he will ask you how big it will be; how long, how wide, how tall etc. We need to think similarly in Software. The problem is software is not 3 dimensional. It is invisible. It is abstract and conceptual. How then can we put a size to it?

This 2 day course looks at how to put size measures on software. Topics covered include; Function Points, Feature Points, Use Case Points, COCOMO and COCOMO II software estimation models.

PM12 Schedules, Budgets and Resources The work that needs to be done on a project is defined in the Work Breakdown Structure. Once that work is known, then the questions of “How long will it take?”, “How much will it cost?” and “What do I need to get it done?” need to be answered.

This 2 day course looks in detail at the tools used by the Project Manager to determine Schedule, Budget and Resources Required in order to complete the project on time and on budget.

PM15 Triple Constraints Tradeoff Analysis
One of the Project Manager’s most difficult jobs is managing the Triple Constraints, those being Scope, Time and Money. There is only so much product that can be built in so much time for so much money. A change in one will impact the other two. What if one is fixed? What if two are fixed? What if two are flexible but one has a higher priority than the other?

Triple Constraints Tradeoff Analysis is a 2 day advanced course for the experienced Project Manager. Understanding how to analyse, negotiate and manage changes to the triple constraints can prevent future projects from being over budget and over schedule ever again.

PM20 Risk Analysis and Management All projects involve risky. Some companies can go under because they take on a major project without understanding the risks involved.

This 2 day course looks at all the areas in Risk Analysis and Management beginning with Risk Planning and continuing with Risk Identification, Analysis and Responses.

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