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Advanced Business Analysis

In addition to the core BA courses, I also offer advanced BA courses. These advanced courses will take the BA from great to OUTSTANDING!

No-one else offers theses courses which I feel are vital to any BA's career and their projects.

These courses can be scheduled on demand and regularly scheduled, to anyone or any organization.

Please feel free to contact me at any time if you are interested in pursuing training or need assistance in any aspect of Business Analysis.


Discovering and Documenting Non-Functional Requirements


Software consists of both behaviour and characteristics. Many courses concentrate on eliciting and documenting behaviour, but many software projects fail due to the fact that the Non-Functional Requirements were either not gathered at all or were ambiguous.

This 2 day course looks in detail at the different categories of Non-Functional Requirements and what questions to ask the stakeholders in order to determine precisely and without ambiguity the desires of the users. These skills will definitely assist in the success of any project.


Mastering Functional Requirements Workshop Facilitation


It has been found that in many projects the "Requirements Workshop" is the ideal technique to use to discover the Stakeholder's Functional Requirements.

In this intensive 2 day course, we show the student how to effectively facilitate a Requirements Workshop with the intention of discovering the Functional Requirements of the product to be built. It's all based on "Asking the Right Questions". What questions does the BA need to ask? In what order? How do we document the answers? How do the answers to one question give us the next question to ask?

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